RobinWilliamsSuicide Domain registrations.

As always domainers stoop to the occasion.

The domains and were registered by these sicko’s.

Private Whois for this creep!

Registrant Name: MICHAEL STRIGA Registrant Organization: FLACRAB Registrant Street: 5212 N. INDIANA AVE

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Sucked in to new GTLDS?

Sucked in to new GTLDS? -Hundreds of new domain extension are flooding an already saturated domain market.

Information from

Domains: 1,837,321                      TLDs: 348                          Registrars: 173


Domains % Share
1. GA .xyz 438,564 23.87%
2. GA .berlin 137,551 7.49%
3. GA .club 94,075 5.12%
4. GA .guru 67,550 3.68%
5. GA .wang 44,834 2.44%
6. GA .photography 42,555 2.32%
7. GA .email 37,509 2.04%
8. GA .link 36,128 1.97%
9. GA .在线 (xn--3ds443g) 35,595 1.94%
10. GA .today 33,410 1.82%
11. GA .tips 27,834 1.51%
12. GA .company 26,185 1.43%
13. GA .solutions 22,751 1.24%
14. GA .center 20,952 1.14%
15. GA .expert 19,336 1.05%
16. GA .technology 18,642 1.01%
17. GA .directory 17,835 0.97%
18. GA .tokyo 17,328 0.94%
19. GA .中文网 (xn--fiq228c5hs) 17,295 0.94%
20. GA .sexy 14,969 0.81%
21. GA .photos 13,650 0.74%
22. GA .ninja 13,591 0.74%
23. GA .gallery 13,002 0.71%
24. GA .land 12,903 0.70%
25. GA .clothing 12,682 0.69%
26. GA .bike 12,175 0.66%
27. GA .academy 11,542 0.63%
28. GA .international 11,384 0.62%
29. GA .agency 11,211 0.61%
30. GA .estate

This is the top 30 and .xyz has already been shown to be a complete pile of manufactured stats.

Many of the new GTLDS have as little as a few dozen registrations, most are hovering around the few hundred to a low few thousand.

Build your site on many of these and you will find they have gone out of existence in the not too distant future. You will ,of course, see a few AMAZING sales in some of the new GTLDS,take them with a pinch of salt, usually just a hype to try to retain interest-don’t be fooled!

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.在线 (Online) & .中文网 (Website) Auction in Macau

.在线 (Online) & .中文网 (Website) Auction in Macau

Lot 3 “Pay” sold for 2250USD

Lot 7 “Cosmetics” $2200 winning bid!

First eight Chinese IDN domain batches sold for over $35k combined.

“” Package sold at $14,388

Casino.DotChineseOnline goes for $25,000 Weird when gambling in China apart from Macau SAR is illegal!

Winner of the "Furniture" package.

Winner of the “Furniture” package.

Wonder why they don’t show the full Chinese characters before and after the dot as well as the incorrect English version when showing sales from the auction on Twitter, it is in China after all? Ah, just remembered ,Twitter is blocked in China so pointless.

“Sell” package SOLD $5588!

“Hot Search Terms” package SOLD $2400!

“Loans” Package SOLD $7500

“Rent” package SOLD $15500

“Financing” Package SOLD $2000

“Gaming/Game” Package SOLD


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Chinese Government Buy IDN.idn

TLD Registry has sold 20,452 new gTLD domain names to the Chinese government as it prepares to launch .中文网 (“.chinesewebsite”) and .在线 (“.online”) tomorrow.

The deal, signed this week with the Service Development Center of the State Council Office for Public Sector Reform (SCOPSR) is for 10,226 names in each gTLD.

The domains include the Chinese-script names of every city in China with a population of over 200,000, as well as counties, municipalities and other regional names.

This was our response on DomainIncite:

“I think the purchase is purely protectionist. All of the cities, sensitive names etc in .中国 are reserved with hardly any usage of IDN.idn in China and very little interest from the domain community. ASCII and Pinyin dominate the market in both .cn & .com with some huge sales recently.

One good thing is that with Sedo’s liaison with TLD registry has forced them to recognize Chinese .中国 etc. which after years of trying to get them to do it Chinese IDN.idn / can now be listed, parked,searched and sold,with some hiccups yet to be resolved.”

I sincerely wish TLD registry the very best of luck with the auction and sales as ANY form of recognition for IDN.idn has to be good news and particularly Chinese IDN.idn.

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Finally, goes Chinese!

After at least 2 years of trying to get Sedo to see there were other characters to the right of the dot it looks like the link up with the “new gtld Chinese” domain names has pushed them in to doing something.

We have been able to add (.hk) ASCII & (.china), they are showing in the account and appears they  have been accepted for sale!

Currently, most of the time to domains are forwarded to what is called a “zero click lander” site, in this case always for some reason? Perhaps this is because there are no advertisers although a few times they went to normal Sedo parking pages so not sure what is going on yet.

Early days. 

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Sedo /Macau all Chinese .在线 .中文网 auction

Sedo will be holding an auction of ALL Chinese, before and after the dot of .在线 (.online)  & .中文网(Website)中文网 Claiming a first!


It is still impossible to park,sell,search for any ALL Chinese domain names at Sedo so not sure what the happy buyers will be doing with their gems!

Of course ALL Chinese domain names have been around for years with the all conquering .中国 (so why would you need anything else to know it was Chinese website?

What looks better?

邮件.中国 or  邮件.在线 or 邮件.中文网


Anyway, here a just a few of those on sale at the Macao launch in conjunction with Sedo












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Something of a disaster. Looks like the whole place is full of shill bids and I forgot to get some buddies to assist.

Won’t be going there again in a hurry, really should have known better.

Anyway, I took my medicine and the buyer got a great deal, congrats.

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New gtld’s, boom or bust?

Not looking too good for the first tranches of the new gtld’s?

This was the 6th Feb:

TLD Domains
guru 12,394
bike 3,727
clothing 2,856
singles 2,071
ventures 1,669
plumbing 1,081
holdings 963
شبكة. (.xn--ngbc5azd) 814
equipment 137
lighting 137
estate 85
photography 73
graphics 68
camera 62
gallery 62

Pretty awful at that point and with 750 more coming out I can only see a boatload of failures with very few staying afloat.

I am going for big bust!

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China on the rise? $2,100,000 Pvt Sale
(“play” in Chinese”)
$800,000 Pvt Sale 1/29/14 RMB3,098,000 = $512,307 .CN Registry Auction 1/22/14
(“play” in Chinese”)
1,502,000 CNY = $247,830 eName/.CN Registry Auction 1/9/14 1,100,000 CNY = $176,000 eName/.CN Registry Auction 2/5/14 1,004,000 CNY = $160,640 eName/.CN Registry Auction 2/5/14 1,002,000 CNY = $160,320 eName/.CN Registry Auction 2/5/14 920,000 CNY = $147,200 eName/.CN Registry Auction 2/5/14 816,000 CNY = $130,560 eName/.CN Registry Auction 2/5/14

Still no real movement from or, highest reported sales for both only just in the $xx,xxx.Pinyin and English continue to dominate in .com & .cn.

Maybe a pot waiting to boil?

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3098000元 ($511,841.40)

3098000元 剩余时间
交易已结束 当前领先
Ename-5Q0ZG3VB 出价次数

3,098,000 yuan
End of the current transaction
Ename-5Q0ZG3VB Bids 686

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