јр.com – I was a victim! More from the buyer.









On Sedo, I was very disappointed when I learned jp.com is an IDN domain, I have repeatedly tried to negotiate with Sedo.

Sedo had also been advised that when I participate in the auction, I did not know that it is an IDN domain.

Because I had already bid and won the auction Sedo considered the deal has to go through. Perhaps it is because I have already paid the payment by Paypal?

But I have repeatedly suggested that I was deceived and a victim, Sedo ignored me.
Without my agreement SEDO opened a maddogdomains.com account, and transferred the IDN domain to it forcing me to complete this transaction.

From start to finish, I did not agree to continue the deal.

Because I do not understand English well, I did not know how to complain, and how to make this incident public.

Even though this incident has already occurred and I can do nothing about it but I would like you to help to make it public and warn others.

Finally, I strongly disagree with Sedo’s business practice, expressing strong dissatisfaction with them.

What do you think?

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