“Sedo ripped me off” says buyer of another ASCII looking IDN!

I think we are going to see more and more of these and very soon Sedo will find themselves with lawsuits on their hands as there have been many warnings of what has been going on with these names and associated shill bidding that Sedo.com has allowed to continue unabated!

This guy is yet another newbie getting caught which is exactly what the Russian and Ukranian sellers are banking on.Sedo try to cover their backsides by referring to the references to IDN but it is the obvious shill bids that are drawing people in initially that are a major factor and you can’t cover that by small print!

ѕмѕ.com Created 23rd February 2012

“I bid for SMS.com, at the time all screen shots listed stated sms.com (Have a copy) now it turns out that it was an IDN name (missed the very very tinny logo as I’m new to buying websites), turns out that SMS.com, Why does SEDO hide what the URL is? surely another column on the auction overview screen? Once I saw this i only placed bids through their aution page, upon which there is not mention of the true website address only SMS.com

After winning the bid for which i paid 800 euros I commisioned a web designer to create a website for SMS text messages, this cost me £2900 plus VAT (I know its a lot but he has done a bloody good job on my previsou pages and it would be unique and copyrighted material only)… Turns out i have nowhere to put it.

I believe that Sedo may not go out of their way to hide it, but, dont help the bidder to know what they are bidding for. In all fairness who here actually bids for a domain name, its the address (URL) most people want and think they are buying.

I was meant to get help from Lozan Yohannes on +49-221-34030-181, but this morning she farmed me off stating it was now a case for her director and the legal team. I’m down nearly £3500 and all becuase they continue to hide (I’m not saying its not there just very well hidden) the URL address.

If they are the biggest they need to make the website more friendly for novice users, if i went onto eBay and bought a “Sony Playstation” only to find that it was a replica i could get the money back… Why are these scammers any different??


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More on Namepros and Sedo.com don’t get caught- CAVEAT EMPTOR



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