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Mods have a difficult time of it on most forums and sometimes get it wrong.This thread at Namepros is part of an going problem with scammers using IDN code to produce domain names that look like ASCII and compounding it with obvious shill bids at online domain name auctions sites to draw in newbies and the unwary-and it works.

This particular guy originally posted these at


No punycode was shown! Amazed

This was what the mod considered good reason to remove posts warning others and pointing out to the seller that the names were crap!

Reason: This is a marketplace sales thread & the section clearly states idn, Thread Crashing coments removed -Again, no sign of a punycode!

Very recently registered using IDN punycode to create names that look like premium ASCII by substituting Cyrillic letters for standard Romanized.It was pointed out to him what a pile of garbage they were and he basically agreed,now plainly obvious that he had other options and they were provided by Sedo. Namepros then closed the thread preventing him from selling them there.

Then this happened:

Then this happened

Sadly,by burying this and related threads the people who have been perpetrating this have been given the green light to go ahead and screw a few more people.

I am however guessing that the real concerns in dumping the threads are more about the forums liabilities if what I have posted leaves then open to any litigation than concerns about the welfare of members,cynical I know but probably true!

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