Domain Market in a tailspin?

Prices tumbling,many fewer names selling than this time last year.

When is it likely to stop falling and and start on the upturn?

Penny auctions on all the forums both ASCII & IDN with owners trying to offload what they can.

Huge drops in all extensions.

Have you checked out auctions? A year ago there were over 400 names on auction at any one time.Now you are lucky to see more than 60,a huge drop,and prices have dropped accordingly.

DNJ- weekly sales figures continue to drop.

What’s happened to all the domain conferences? Nothing advertised on Moniker. TRAFFIC’s next event is in October.

“Registration for T.R.A.F.F.I.C. 2012 continues with our Advanced Regitration rates, which will end August 31! Sign up now to attend the domain industry’s standard-bearer conference! Registrations are limited, so the earlier you register, the better your chance of attending the Number One Domain Show in the World!”

Remember the days when you could not get a name on Great Domains auctions unless it was a premium high reserve .com?

Those days are long gone. The upcoming “Great Domains” auction has .info, .es,.se,.biz,.tv,.me,.fr,.co, .gg? & third rate IDN -Have to remove the “Great” from the title of the auction!

One good thing to be said. It is the best buyers market for years!

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